Personal Art

This is a personal project I created in Unity using 3DS Max/Zbrush to model assets, Speed Tree Modeler for foliage, and Substance Designer for procedural PBR materials. Influenced by Destiny, Star Wars and Halo 5, I wanted to create a sci-fi exterior scene that exists on Earth with nature taking it's course. The background mountains were purchased from the Unity Asset store published by Manufactura K4, and the Skybox was free from the asset store published by Clod. I also used one of the free tree assets that comes with Speed Tree.

My visual goal for this structure was to be modular throughout my scene with minimal geometry driven by PBR materials designed procedurally in Substance Designer. I set multiple face IDs in 3DS Max and was able to use each node graph as color palletes for variety once I had the FBX imported into Unity.
SciFi interior modeled in 3DS Max, materials designed in Substance Painter, rendered in Unity utilizing a reflection probe and Unity's image effects components.
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